Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Small Christmas Post

As you might have noticed I've lost the blogging wagon. Completely fallen off. And I'm not I'm going to bet fully back on again. If you are my friend on FB then you can see all our christmas photos in my new album. Much faster to upload there.

We had a great Christmas and New Years. We got to spend a bunch of time with my family(all of whom were in town) and Scott's family(most of which were in town). A couple days after christmas Scott's oldest sister and her family came to stay with us through new years day and we had a blast with them. We got to know them well in Rexburg and just love spending time with them. Yay!!!

The above picture was totally spontaneous at my parents house on Christmas Eve. I just wanted a picture of all of us at Christmas time and we've never had a Christmas tree family picture either. It was pretty hilarious actually because none of the kids wanted to be doing this. Most of my siblings were beside my dad with the camera yelling and jumping suddenly every time a picture was going to be taken. Parker just wanted to arch his back and scream the whole time. You can't really tell but I'm holding Parker down as hard as I can.

Scott had over a week of paid vacation for these holidays and it was just the thing we needed. It was so wonderful to have him home so much. I like things better when he's home.

Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas vacation!


Kim said...

Great pictures! I love the story behind your photo. I can just picture your family yelling and jumping to get your family to look at the camera.

Tawnee said...

I love that story of how you got these pictures. Made my day!