Sunday, February 12, 2012

Klair is 6 months old

Can't believe it's already been that long since she was born! Time flies.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Fun

The last few days the kids have had fun playing in the snow. Mostly sledding or going for walks while pulling, or being pulled, in the sled. We attempted a snow man today but the snow was so dry you couldn't even make snow balls. The other day I could have sworn it was heavy snow. Weird.
We have what now? 10 inches?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parker is Two!

Well this is a bit late, but better now then never!
Parker turned two on the 8th. The poor guy was pretty sick so we had to postpone his birthday party, but we still let him open his presents and gave him ice cream with candles after dinner. He screamed at the candles and I had to blow them out! lol.

Then last saturday the 14th we had his birthday party. He was very excited to see the decorations and loved that I was making him a cake. Since he can't yet talk I held out a yellow cake mix and a chocolate cake mix and asked him which one he wanted me to make. He enthusiastically pointed at the chocolate one. Guess he takes after me! :)

Because he has a hard time communicating he sometimes will have random fits I can't explain, and he was starting one a couple hours before the grandparents were coming while I was making his cake, so I gave him the beater to make him happy.

But then when we held out the cake with the candles and everyone was looking at him singing he started screaming again. Poor Parker. I guess maybe I should have known better about the candles, but oh well.

As soon as he started eating cake he was very happy.

And enjoyed opening his presents from both sets of grandparents.

It's funny to me sometimes to think he is two and that he is no longer my baby. Sometimes he still feels like my baby, maybe partially because he's not really talking yet. But I LOVE him so much. He is SO ADORABLE!
I love how he wants to hold my hand any time we're going up and down stairs even though he can do it by himself. I love his tight hugs and snuggles. I love his eyes and the way they look at me. I love his smile and laugh. I love the way he walks and runs. *sigh* I could go on and on(same with all my kids of course) but I'll spare you.

A little update though on his speech. A few weeks ago he started saying "Mom". On his birthday the 8th he started saying "Yeah yeah yeah yeah!" for yes when he is getting something he wants. A few days ago he started saying "Oh oh" for uh oh, and today he was saying "mah" for more. So he's really progressing I think! It's so exciting for me!

We still haven't taken him to the doctor to figure out about his ears though. Last week I had to cancle because our van was dead, and today because of the snow. So hopefully next week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Klair is Five Months Old

My little baby is growing so fast. She is my drama queen already. She will be very happy one moment and then screaming, not like she's hurt or sad, but offended, the next moment. I find it kind of amusing. She is very smiley still too, but when I pull out the camera she seems fascinated by it and will only stare. Oh well. She's also started spitting again, but now it's much more spray and slobber than before. On New Years Eve I went with my sister in law and niece to the American Girls doll store and two different people at two different times came up and said of Klair, "I thought she was a doll, and then she moved."
We love you Klair!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scott's New Years Eve Tree Fire

Tilt your head to the left for this.
Scott has this thing about setting our Christmas trees on fire. This one we did at his older brother's house on New Years Eve. He poured a GALLON of gasoline on the thing.
I was so surprised when it went up. The flames were 20ft over us, and we were already standing a few feet above the base of the tree.
I started walking backward as soon as it lit up so I could keep the whole thing in the viewfinder. And a couple minutes later ash was falling like light snow back at the house.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Small Christmas Post

As you might have noticed I've lost the blogging wagon. Completely fallen off. And I'm not I'm going to bet fully back on again. If you are my friend on FB then you can see all our christmas photos in my new album. Much faster to upload there.

We had a great Christmas and New Years. We got to spend a bunch of time with my family(all of whom were in town) and Scott's family(most of which were in town). A couple days after christmas Scott's oldest sister and her family came to stay with us through new years day and we had a blast with them. We got to know them well in Rexburg and just love spending time with them. Yay!!!

The above picture was totally spontaneous at my parents house on Christmas Eve. I just wanted a picture of all of us at Christmas time and we've never had a Christmas tree family picture either. It was pretty hilarious actually because none of the kids wanted to be doing this. Most of my siblings were beside my dad with the camera yelling and jumping suddenly every time a picture was going to be taken. Parker just wanted to arch his back and scream the whole time. You can't really tell but I'm holding Parker down as hard as I can.

Scott had over a week of paid vacation for these holidays and it was just the thing we needed. It was so wonderful to have him home so much. I like things better when he's home.

Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas vacation!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trying out solids, and other Klair pictures

Klair just always seems to be hungry no matter how often she nurses so we decided to see how she likes rice cereal. Out of all the kids she did the best. No funny faces or anything. Just wanting more in her mouth. And she just figured out how to roll from her back to her belly yesterday.
Stats: 13.14 lbs (50th%)
height was 80th%
head circum. was 60th%

I know I didn't have any fun pictures for Klairs 4 month update, so here are a few from the last few days.